The Crest Nicholson Garden Village Concept

Inspired by the original Garden Cities at Letchworth and Welwyn, and the ideals established by Ebenezer Howard in the early 1900’s, Crest Nicholson has developed a set of principles that underpin their Garden Village Concept.

The vision is to create a holistically planned new community where the design, landscaping, open space and public realm are vital elements of the whole development. This is supported by a strategy for the long-term management and maintenance of the spaces and the promotion of a range of lifestyle choices for residents.

enhancing LIFESTYLE

The lifestyle of the Monksmoor Park residents will be enhanced by Crest Nicholson’s investment in a range of public spaces and buildings, promotion of healthy living and a range of travel choices

creating CHARACTER

The character of the place will be developed through high quality design of homes and the public realm, a strong street scene and well connected streets.

ensuring a LEGACY

Long-term management of the open spaces and a sense of community and civic pride will assure a legacy of added value for the residents of Monksmoor Park.

Contributions to the Community
As part of the Monksmoor Park development, Crest Nicholson has committed to making financial contributions to the local community. Some of these comprise investments on the development itself, while others are contributions to public infrastructure and services for the Daventry area. This is important to ensure that the new garden village will be a positive benefit not only to its own residents, but also for the wider community.

Monksmoor Park On-Site Commitments
These contributions help to ensure that the new community is well provided with its own facilities, such as primary education, affordable homes, a travel plan and other amenities.

Wider Off-Site Community Commitments
These contributions help to ensure that the new community is an asset to its host area, by improving highways and transport, enhancing public amenities and maximising local job opportunities.